Python is a famous language among the DevOps community. Python provides tools like Ansible, salt, Fabric etc. which makes deployment and monitoring easier. It also reduces the maintenance problems easily.

DevOps Tools

Software and libraries for DevOps.

  • Ansible - A radically simple IT automation platform.
  • SaltStack - Infrastructure automation and management system.
  • Fabric - A simple, Pythonic tool for remote execution and deployment.
  • cuisine - Chef-like functionality for Fabric.
  • Docker Compose - Fast, isolated development environments using Docker.
  • Fabtools - Tools for writing awesome Fabric files.
  • gitapi - Pure-Python API for git.
  • GitPython - Python library used to interact with git repositories
  • gunnery - Multipurpose task execution tool for distributed systems with web-based interface.
  • hgapi - Pure-Python API for Mercurial.
  • honcho - A Python port of Foreman, a tool for managing Procfile-based applications.
  • OpenStack - Open source software for building private and public clouds.
  • pexpect - Controlling interactive programs in a pseudo-terminal like GNU expect.
  • provy - An easy-to-use provisioning system in Python.
  • psutil - A cross-platform process and system utilities module.
  • supervisor - Supervisor process control system for UNIX.


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