Sending data from HTML form to a Python script in Flask


I have the code below in my Python script:

def cmd_wui(argv, path_to_tx):
    """Run a web UI."""
    from flask import Flask, flash, jsonify, render_template, request
    import webbrowser
    app = Flask(__name__)

    def index():
        """Load start page where you select your project folder
        or load history projects from local DB."""
        from txclib import get_version
        txc_version = get_version()
        prj = project.Project(path_to_tx)

        # Let's create a resource list from our config file
        res_list = []
        prev_proj = ''
        for idx, res in enumerate(prj.get_resource_list()):
                hostname = prj.get_resource_host(res)
        username, password = prj.getset_host_credentials(hostname)
        return render_template('init.html', txc_version=txc_version, username=username)

Also, I have an HTML form in init.html:

<input type="text" id="projectFilepath" size="40" placeholder="Spot your project files">
<input type="button" id="spotButton" value="Spot">

How can I pass the user input from "projectFilepath" when a user clicks "spotButton" on a variable in my python script?

I'm new in Python and Flask, so forgive me if I make any mistakes.

3/31/2016 7:33:43 PM

Accepted Answer

The form tag needs two attributes set:

  1. action: The URL that the form data is sent to on submit. Generate it with url_for. It can be omitted if the same URL handles showing the form and processing the data.
  2. method: Whether to submit the data as a query string (GET) or form data (POST).

Add a view to handle the form data:

@app.route('/handle_data', methods=['POST'])
def handle_data():
    projectpath = request.form['projectFilepath']
    # your code
    # return a response

Set the form's action to that view's URL:

<form action="{{ url_for('handle_data') }}" method="post">
    <input type="text" name="projectFilepath">
    <input type="submit">
11/9/2017 9:00:35 PM

You need a Flask view that will receive POST data and an HTML form that will send it.

from flask import request

@app.route('/addRegion', methods=['POST'])
def addRegion():
    return (request.form['projectFilePath'])
<form action="{{ url_for('addRegion') }}" method="post">
    Project file path: <input type="text" name="projectFilePath"><br>
    <input type="submit" value="Submit">

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