'negative' pattern matching in python


I have the following input,

OK SYS 10 LEN 20 12 43
1233a.fdads.txt,23 /data/a11134/a.txt
3232b.ddsss.txt,32 /data/d13f11/b.txt
3452d.dsasa.txt,1234 /data/c13af4/f.txt

And I'd like to extract all of the input except the line containing "OK SYS 10 LEN 20" and the last line which contains a single "." (dot). That is, I want to extract the following

1233a.fdads.txt,23 /data/a11134/a.txt
3232b.ddsss.txt,32 /data/d13f11/b.txt
3452d.dsasa.txt.1234 /data/c13af4/f.txt

I tried the following,

for item in output:
    matchObj = re.search("^(?!OK) | ^(?!\\.)", item)
    if matchObj:
        print "got item "  + item

but it does not work, as it does not produce any output.

11/10/2016 12:54:02 PM

Accepted Answer

See it in action:

matchObj = re.search("^(?!OK|\\.).*", item)

Don't forget to put .* after negative look-ahead, otherwise you couldn't get any match ;-)

8/23/2012 12:46:55 PM

Use a negative match. (Also note that whitespace is significant, by default, inside a regex so don't space things out. Alternatively, use re.VERBOSE.)

for item in output:
    matchObj = re.search("^(OK|\\.)", item)
    if not matchObj:
        print "got item " + item

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