Send data from a textbox into Flask?


I was wondering if there was a way to take something from a text box in the HTML, feed it into flask, then parse that data with Python. I was thinking this might involve some JS but I could be wrong. Any ideas?

8/5/2018 1:59:21 AM

Accepted Answer

Unless you want to do something more complicated, feeding data from a HTML form into Flask is pretty easy.

  • Create a view that accepts a POST request (my_form_post).
  • Access the form elements in the dictionary request.form.


<form method="POST">
    <input name="text">
    <input type="submit">
from flask import Flask, request, render_template

app = Flask(__name__)

def my_form():
    return render_template('my-form.html')

@app.route('/', methods=['POST'])
def my_form_post():
    text = request.form['text']
    processed_text = text.upper()
    return processed_text

This is the Flask documentation about accessing request data.

If you need more complicated forms that need validation then you can take a look at WTForms and how to integrate them with Flask.

Note: unless you have any other restrictions, you don't really need JavaScript at all to send your data (although you can use it).

11/9/2017 9:09:02 PM

Declare a Flask endpoint to accept POST input type and then do necessary steps. Use jQuery to post the data.

from flask import request

@app.route('/parse_data', methods=['GET', 'POST'])
def parse_data(data):
    if request.method == "POST":
         #perform action here
var value = $('.textbox').val();
  type: 'POST',
  url: "{{ url_for('parse_data') }}",
  data: JSON.stringify(value),
  contentType: 'application/json',
  success: function(data){
    // do something with the received data

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