Is there a list of line styles in matplotlib?


I'm writing a script that will do some plotting. I want it to plot several data series, each with its unique line style (not color). I can easily iterate through a list, but is there such a list already available in python?

4/24/2014 2:15:49 PM

Accepted Answer

According to the doc you could find them by doing this :

from matplotlib import lines
>>> ['', ' ', 'None', '--', '-.', '-', ':']

You can do the same with markers

EDIT: In the latest versions, there are still the same styles, but you can vary the space between dots/lines.

2/21/2019 9:34:01 AM

plot documentation has a list of line + marker styles:

character description
'-'       solid line style
'--'      dashed line style
'-.'      dash-dot line style
':'       dotted line style
'.'       point marker
','       pixel marker
'o'       circle marker
'v'       triangle_down marker
'^'       triangle_up marker
'<'       triangle_left marker
'>'       triangle_right marker
'1'       tri_down marker
'2'       tri_up marker
'3'       tri_left marker
'4'       tri_right marker
's'       square marker
'p'       pentagon marker
'*'       star marker
'h'       hexagon1 marker
'H'       hexagon2 marker
'+'       plus marker
'x'       x marker
'D'       diamond marker
'd'       thin_diamond marker
'|'       vline marker
'_'       hline marker

Since this is part of the pyplot.plot docstring, you can also see it from the terminal with:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

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