pandas: HTML output with conditional formatting


I am trying to format a table, such that data in each column are formatted in a style depending on their values (similar to conditional formatting in spreadsheet programs). How can I achieve that in pandas using the HTML formatter?

A typical use case is highlighting significant values in a table. For example:

    correlation  p-value
0   0.5          0.1
1   0.1          0.8
2   0.9          *0.01*

pandas allows to define custom formatters for HTML output - to obtain above output one could use:

import pandas as pd
from pandas.core import format
from StringIO import StringIO
buf = StringIO()
df = pd.DataFrame({'correlation':[0.5, 0.1,0.9], 'p_value':[0.1,0.8,0.01]})
fmt = format.DataFrameFormatter(df, 
          formatters={'p_value':lambda x: "*%f*" % x if x<0.05 else str(x)})

However, I would like to change the style for significant values (for example, by using bold font).

A possible solution would be to attach a CSS class to <td> tags in the HTML output, which could be then formatted using CSS stylesheet. The above would then become:

<table border="1" class="dataframe">
    <tr style="text-align: right;">
      <td> 0.5</td>
      <td> 0.10</td>
      <td> 0.1</td>
      <td> 0.80</td>
      <td> 0.9</td>
      <td class='significant'> 0.01</td>

Edit: As suggested by @Andy-Hayden I can add formatting by simply replacing stars with <span class="signifcant">...</span> in my example:

import pandas as pd
from StringIO import StringIO
buf = StringIO()
significant = lambda x: '<span class="significant">%f</span>' % x if x<0.05 else str(x)
df = pd.DataFrame({'correlation':[0.5, 0.1,0.9], 'p_value':[0.1,0.8,0.01]})
df.to_html(buf, formatters={'p_value': significant})

Newer versions of pandas escape the tags. To avoid it replace last line with:

df.to_html(buf, formatters={'p_value': significant}, escape=False)
12/6/2013 1:17:59 PM

Accepted Answer

You can use the DataFrame to_html method, which comes with formatters argument.

An easier solution would be to surround by <span class="significant"> and </span>, (rather than *). Note: by default this will be escaped (i.e. < becomes &lt;) so you will need to use the escape=False argument.

6/9/2017 6:17:21 PM

Since pandas 0.17.1, it is easy to apply custom formatting to the data frame HTML representation using the styling api.

import pandas as pd

df = pd.DataFrame({
    'correlation':[0.5, 0.1,0.9],
styled_df =
    lambda x: ['font-weight: bold; background-color: yellow'
               if value <= 0.01 else '' for value in x])

enter image description here

The output is rendered automatically in interfaces such as the Jupyter Notebook and the string representation of the HTML can be returned with the render() method.

<style  type="text/css" >
    #T_4e49b9da_8451_11e8_9166_605718a99a7frow2_col1 {
            font-weight:  bold;
             background-color:  yellow;
            font-weight:  bold;
             background-color:  yellow;
<table id="T_4e49b9da_8451_11e8_9166_605718a99a7f" > 
<thead>    <tr> 
        <th class="blank level0" ></th> 
        <th class="col_heading level0 col0" >correlation</th> 
        <th class="col_heading level0 col1" >p_value</th> 
<tbody>    <tr> 
        <th id="T_4e49b9da_8451_11e8_9166_605718a99a7flevel0_row0" class="row_heading level0 row0" >0</th> 
        <td id="T_4e49b9da_8451_11e8_9166_605718a99a7frow0_col0" class="data row0 col0" >0.5</td> 
        <td id="T_4e49b9da_8451_11e8_9166_605718a99a7frow0_col1" class="data row0 col1" >0.1</td> 
    </tr>    <tr> 
        <th id="T_4e49b9da_8451_11e8_9166_605718a99a7flevel0_row1" class="row_heading level0 row1" >1</th> 
        <td id="T_4e49b9da_8451_11e8_9166_605718a99a7frow1_col0" class="data row1 col0" >0.1</td> 
        <td id="T_4e49b9da_8451_11e8_9166_605718a99a7frow1_col1" class="data row1 col1" >0.8</td> 
    </tr>    <tr> 
        <th id="T_4e49b9da_8451_11e8_9166_605718a99a7flevel0_row2" class="row_heading level0 row2" >2</th> 
        <td id="T_4e49b9da_8451_11e8_9166_605718a99a7frow2_col0" class="data row2 col0" >0.9</td> 
        <td id="T_4e49b9da_8451_11e8_9166_605718a99a7frow2_col1" class="data row2 col1" >0.01</td> 

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