Prepend a level to a pandas MultiIndex


I have a DataFrame with a MultiIndex created after some grouping:

import numpy as np
import pandas as p
from numpy.random import randn

df = p.DataFrame({
    'A' : ['a1', 'a1', 'a2', 'a3']
  , 'B' : ['b1', 'b2', 'b3', 'b4']
  , 'Vals' : randn(4)
}).groupby(['A', 'B']).sum()


Output>            Vals
Output> A  B           
Output> a1 b1 -1.632460
Output>    b2  0.596027
Output> a2 b3 -0.619130
Output> a3 b4 -0.002009

How do I prepend a level to the MultiIndex so that I turn it into something like:

Output>                       Vals
Output> FirstLevel A  B           
Output> Foo        a1 b1 -1.632460
Output>               b2  0.596027
Output>            a2 b3 -0.619130
Output>            a3 b4 -0.002009
2/7/2013 5:16:07 AM

Accepted Answer

A nice way to do this in one line using pandas.concat():

import pandas as pd

pd.concat([df], keys=['Foo'], names=['Firstlevel'])

This can be generalized to many data frames, see the docs.

2/7/2017 4:11:06 PM

You can first add it as a normal column and then append it to the current index, so:

df['Firstlevel'] = 'Foo'
df.set_index('Firstlevel', append=True, inplace=True)

And change the order if needed with:

df.reorder_levels(['Firstlevel', 'A', 'B'])

Which results in:

Firstlevel A  B           
Foo        a1 b1  0.871563
              b2  0.494001
           a2 b3 -0.167811
           a3 b4 -1.353409

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