CherryPy vs Django


CherryPy vs Django, which would you use and why?

5/2/2016 7:35:36 AM

Accepted Answer

They're not exactly comparable. CherryPy provides url routing and a request/response abstraction, which makes prototyping very easy (although I find vanilla mod_python just as convenient). Django is a complete web application "stack", including a templating system and an object-relational mapper.

10/3/2009 8:53:01 PM

Django is vast, and difficult to learn, functions, tags and what not, you will absolutely are a computational genius if you have figured Django out completely. "full-stack" means every thing is available, you just have to spend the time looking for it :(

CherryPy is light and clean and far less complex. Compare the starter tutorials 1pg vs 4pgs you know what I mean. Its the difference between the "full-stack" java and the light and easy perl.

PS: the Django admin interface ROCKS!!

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