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I'm just getting started with Flask / Flask-WTF / SQLAlchemy, and most example CRUD code I see shows separate templates for adding / editing. It seems repetitive to have two templates with almost identical form html (e.g. books_add.html, books_edit.html). Conceptually it makes more sense to me to have one template, something like "books_form.html", and just call render_template on that same template from two separate route definitions. I'm not quite sure how to accomplish it though, something like:

def add_book():
render_template('books_form.html', action = 'add')

def edit_book(id):
render_template('books_form.html', action = 'edit', id = id)

but I'm not sure if I'm on the right track, or deviating from best practice. Any input is appreciated - specific thoughts on how to handle the single template file to deal with either add or edit behavior. Links to examples are welcome as well.


5/25/2013 7:03:44 PM

Accepted Answer

There is absolutely no reason to have separate templates for adding / editing different kinds of things even. Consider:

{# data.html #}
<!-- ... snip ... -->
{% block form %}
<h1>{{ action }} {{ data_type }}</h1>
<form action="{{ form_action }}" method="{{ method | d("POST") }}">
{% render_form(form) %}
{% endblock form %}

Ignore the macro render_form works (there's an example one in WTForms' documentation) - it just takes a WTForms-type object and renders the form in an unordered list. You can then do this:

def add_book():
    form = BookForm()
    # ... snip ...
    return render_template("data.html", action="Add", data_type="a book", form=form)

def edit_book(book_id):
    book = lookup_book_by_id(book_id)
    form = BookForm(obj=book)
    # ... snip ...
    return render_template("data.html", data_type=book.title, action="Edit", form=form)

But you don't need to limit yourself to just books:

def add_resource():
    # ... snip ...
    return render_template("data.html", data_type="a resource" ...)

# ... etc. ...
5/26/2013 1:32:32 AM

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