Running a web app in Grails vs Django


I'm currently in the planning stage for a web application and I find myself trying to decide on using Grails or Django. From an operation perspective:

  1. Which ecosystem is easier to maintain (migrations, backup, disaster recovery etc.)? If using grails it'll probably be a typical tomcat + mysql on linux. If django it'll be apache + mysql on linux.

  2. Does django or grails have a better choice of cheap and flexible hosting? Initially it'll probably be low bandwidth requirements. I'm not sure about the exact specs required, but from what I've been reading it seems like django would require far less server resources (even 256MB server is ok) than grails.

10/12/2008 4:36:49 AM

Accepted Answer

You can run grails in 256 megs of ram. Many members of the community are doing so. That being said I would say in either platform you want much more ram than that to make sure your performant. But I might also reccomend checking out You can get quality hosting for a very reasonable cost and adding a bit of ram for grails will not break your budget. Also if your interested in cloud based solutions Morph is hosting grails apps.

I like Django, but I for the maturity of the platform and the amount of quality Java work out there in terms of libaries and frameworks I chose grails. In truth I think they are both good solutions but you cannot deny that your options are much greater with grails.

10/12/2008 6:23:56 AM

With Java hosting you don't need to do all the stupid tricks with apache, or nginx. Jetty itself can host everything you need, that's how the guys at do it, and they find it to be pretty fast.

The memory usage that way is pretty minimal, I host mine on a 256MB Ubuntu server from RapidXen, so it's about $10/month.

I tried developing in Django, and while it runs all the scripts faster (like bootstrapping, or test cases) it's not as well-crafted in my oppinion

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