License plate recognition using OpenCV


I have a project where I need to identify the license plate of a car using OpenCV.

I want to load an image of a number or a letter and let OpenCV identify it and print it to the console.

Is there a function do this? If not, how can I do it?

Note: I am working on gray level

Please help, I have to make it a week from now

thank you for your fast answer

I am working with Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition

and about library the following libraries are whwat i used:

"C:\Program Files\OpenCV\lib"
"C:\Program Files\OpenCV\cv\include"
"C:\Program Files\OpenCV\cxcore\include"
"C:\Program Files\OpenCV\otherlibs\highgui"
"C:\Program Files\OpenCV\cvaux\include"
"C:\Program Files\OpenCV\otherlibs\_graphics\include"
"C:\Program Files\OpenCV\cv\src"
"C:\Program Files\OpenCV\cxcore\src"
"C:\Program Files\OpenCV\cvaux\src"
"C:\Program Files\OpenCV\otherlibs\highgui"
"C:\Program Files\OpenCV\otherlibs\_graphics\src"
10/18/2011 4:36:44 PM

dunno what implementations are available in opencv, but a couple other libraries are:

12/28/2009 9:27:09 PM

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