How to initialize a two-dimensional array in Python?


I'm beginning python and I'm trying to use a two-dimensional list, that I initially fill up with the same variable in every place. I came up with this:

def initialize_twodlist(foo):
    twod_list = []
    new = []
    for i in range (0, 10):
        for j in range (0, 10):
        new = []

It gives the desired result, but feels like a workaround. Is there an easier/shorter/more elegant way to do this?

3/7/2010 5:44:32 PM

Accepted Answer

A pattern that often came up in Python was

bar = []
for item in some_iterable:
    bar.append(SOME EXPRESSION)

which helped motivate the introduction of list comprehensions, which convert that snippet to

bar = [SOME EXPRESSION for item in some_iterable]

which is shorter and sometimes clearer. Usually you get in the habit of recognizing these and often replacing loops with comprehensions.

Your code follows this pattern twice

twod_list = []                                       \                      
for i in range (0, 10):                               \
    new = []                  \ can be replaced        } this too
    for j in range (0, 10):    } with a list          /
        new.append(foo)       / comprehension        /
    twod_list.append(new)                           /
3/7/2010 5:43:11 PM

You can use a list comprehension:

x = [[foo for i in range(10)] for j in range(10)]
# x is now a 10x10 array of 'foo' (which can depend on i and j if you want)

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