Simpler way to create dictionary of separate variables?


I would like to be able to get the name of a variable as a string but I don't know if Python has that much introspection capabilities. Something like:

>>> print(my_var.__name__)

I want to do that because I have a bunch of variables I'd like to turn into a dictionary like :

bar = True
foo = False
>>> my_dict = dict(bar=bar, foo=foo)
>>> print my_dict 
{'foo': False, 'bar': True}

But I'd like something more automatic than that.

Python have locals() and vars(), so I guess there is a way.

4/10/2019 4:17:08 AM

Accepted Answer

Are you trying to do this?

dict( (name,eval(name)) for name in ['some','list','of','vars'] )


>>> some= 1
>>> list= 2
>>> of= 3
>>> vars= 4
>>> dict( (name,eval(name)) for name in ['some','list','of','vars'] )
{'list': 2, 'some': 1, 'vars': 4, 'of': 3}
3/31/2010 2:09:23 PM

As unwind said, this isn't really something you do in Python - variables are actually name mappings to objects.

However, here's one way to try and do it:

 >>> a = 1
 >>> for k, v in list(locals().iteritems()):
         if v is a:
             a_as_str = k
 >>> a_as_str
 >>> type(a_as_str)

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