Is Django admin difficult to customize?


I have been playing for a couple of days with Django Admin to explore it, but I am still clueless of how it can be customized in the way we need.

Every time I look for any help for the customization in the admin panel, what I find is, a bunch of articles on various communities and forums, explaining how to customize the template, the lists items, the the column views etc. But that should not be called Django Customization.

If I need to make even a small change in the User functionality or any modification to the auth module. It takes a lots of efforts even in figuring out how that can be done.

Is Django that difficult to customize or its just lack of the help available over internet for this or its me who is moving in the wrong direction ?

6/17/2015 6:13:23 AM

You are not providing enough details on what you want to achieve, so it's difficult to say how complex the task is. You might also want to consider not modifying the admin site at all and building your own views where appropriate.

However, here are some good links to get you started:

11/20/2017 8:52:56 PM

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