Get loop count inside a Python FOR loop


In a Python for loop that iterates over a list we can write:

for item in list:
    print item

and it neatly goes through all the elements in the list. Is there a way to know within the loop how many times I've been looping so far? For instance, I want to take a list and after I've processed ten elements I want to do something with them.

The alternatives I thought about would be something like:

for item in list:
    print item
    count +=1
    if count % 10 == 0:
        print 'did ten'


for count in range(0,len(list)):
    print list[count]
    if count % 10 == 0:
        print 'did ten'

Is there a better way (just like the for item in list) to get the number of iterations so far?

7/1/2010 11:08:47 PM

Accepted Answer

The pythonic way is to use enumerate:

for idx,item in enumerate(list):
6/21/2018 5:09:46 AM

Agree with Nick. Here is more elaborated code.

for idx, item in enumerate(list):
    print item
    #count +=1
    #if count % 10 == 0:
    if (idx+1) % 10 == 0:
        print 'did ten'

I have commented out the count variable in your code.

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