combining two string variables


I'm a novice Python user trying to do something that I think should be simple but can't figure it out. I've got 2 variables defined:

a = 'lemon'
b = 'lime'

Can someone tell me how to combine these in a new variable?

If I try:

>>> soda = "a" + "b"
>>> soda

I want soda to be 'lemonlime'. How is this done?


10/15/2012 3:03:18 PM

Accepted Answer

you need to take out the quotes:

soda = a + b

(You want to refer to the variables a and b, not the strings "a" and "b")

7/8/2010 3:58:07 PM

IMO, froadie's simple concatenation is fine for a simple case like you presented. If you want to put together several strings, the string join method seems to be preferred:

the_text = ''.join(['the ', 'quick ', 'brown ', 'fox ', 'jumped ', 'over ', 'the ', 'lazy ', 'dog.'])

Edit: Note that join wants an iterable (e.g. a list) as its single argument.

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