Celery - Get task id for current task


How can I get the task_id value for a task from within the task? Here's my code:

from celery.decorators import task
from django.core.cache import cache

def do_job(path):
    "Performs an operation on a file"

    # ... Code to perform the operation ...

    cache.set(current_task_id, operation_results)

The idea is that when I create a new instance of the task, I retrieve the task_id from the task object. I then use the task id to determine whether the task has completed. I don't want to keep track of the task by the path value because the file is "cleaned up" after the task completes, and may or may not exist.

In the above example, how would I get the value of current_task_id?

7/22/2010 8:12:48 AM

Accepted Answer

Celery does set some default keyword arguments if the task accepts them. (you can accept them by either using **kwargs, or list them specifically)

def do_job(path, task_id=None):
    cache.set(task_id, operation_results)

The list of default keyword arguments is documented here: http://ask.github.com/celery/userguide/tasks.html#default-keyword-arguments

7/21/2010 8:17:17 PM

Since Celery 2.2.0, information related to the currently executed task is saved to task.request (it's called «the context»). So you should get task id from this context (not from keyword arguments, which are deprecated):

def do_job(path):
    cache.set(do_job.request.id, operation_results)

The list of all available fields is documented here: http://celery.readthedocs.org/en/latest/userguide/tasks.html?highlight=requestcontext#context

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