Limit number of characters with Django Template filter


I am trying to output the first 255 characters of a description on a list of items and am looking for a method to get that.

Example: I have a variable that contains 300 or so characters.

I call that variable like this, {{ my_variable|characterlimit:255 }}

and it would return only the first 255 characters of that variable.

If this tag doesn't exist, I will simply create it (and suggest that it goes into django), but I wanted to make sure it didn't before I took the time to do that. Thanks!

9/16/2017 9:45:41 AM

Accepted Answer

If the "my_variable" is a string, you can take advantage of the slice filter, which treats the string as a list of characters. If it's a set of words, the rough equivilant is truncatewords - but that doesn't quite sound like your need.

truncatewordsalso adds an ellipsis ... at the end of the truncated result.

Usage would be something like

{{ my_variable|slice:":255" }}
6/7/2017 8:38:12 PM

There is an official built-in filter:

{{ variable|truncatechars:255 }}

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