Python Regex, re.sub, replacing multiple parts of pattern?


I can't seem to find a good resource on this.. I am trying to do a simple

I want to replace the part where its (.*?), but can't figure out the syntax on how to do this.. I know how to do it in PHP, so I've been messing around with what I think it could be based on that (which is why it has the $1 but I know that isn't correct in python).. I would appreciate if anyone can show the proper syntax, I'm not asking specifics for any certain string, just how I can replace something like this, or if it had more than 1 () area.. thanks

originalstring = 'fksf var:asfkj;'
pattern = '.*?var:(.*?);'
replacement_string='$1' + 'test'
replaced = re.sub(re.compile(pattern, re.MULTILINE), replacement_string, originalstring)
8/19/2010 7:02:46 AM

Accepted Answer

>>> import re
>>> originalstring = 'fksf var:asfkj;'
>>> pattern = '.*?var:(.*?);'
>>> pattern_obj = re.compile(pattern, re.MULTILINE)
>>> replacement_string="\\1" + 'test'
>>> pattern_obj.sub(replacement_string, originalstring)

Edit: The Python Docs can be pretty useful reference.

8/19/2010 7:13:44 AM

>>> import re
>>> regex = re.compile(r".*?var:(.*?);")
>>> regex.sub(r"\1test", "fksf var:asfkj;")

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