Python Script execute commands in Terminal


I read this somewhere a while ago but cant seem to find it. I am trying to find a command that will execute commands in the terminal and then output the result.

For example: the script will be:

command 'ls -l'

It will out the result of running that command in the terminal

9/16/2010 9:28:28 PM

Accepted Answer

There are several ways to do this:

A simple way is using the os module:

import os
os.system("ls -l")

More complex things can be achieved with the subprocess module: for example:

import subprocess
test = subprocess.Popen(["ping","-W","2","-c", "1", ""], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
output = test.communicate()[0]
9/16/2010 9:32:55 PM

I prefer usage of subprocess module:

from subprocess import call
call(["ls", "-l"])

Reason is that if you want to pass some variable in the script this gives very easy way for example take the following part of the code

abc = a.c
call(["vim", abc])

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