How to compare dates in Django


I would like to compare a date to the current date in Django, preferably in the template, but it is also possible to do before rendering the template. If the date has already passed, I want to say "In the past" while if it is in the future, I want to give the date.

I was hoping one could do something like this:

{% if <= now %} 
     In the past 
{% else %} 
     {{|date:"d M Y" }} 
{% endif %}

With now being today's date, but this does not work. I couldn't find anything about this in the Django docs. Can anyone give some advice?

1/17/2013 3:11:26 AM

Accepted Answer

Compare date in the view, and pass something like in_the_past (boolean) to the extra_context.

Or better add it to the model as a property.

from datetime import date

def is_past_due(self):
    return >

Then in the view:

{% if listing.is_past_due %}
    In the past
{% else %}
    {{|date:"d M Y" }}
{% endif %}

Basically the template is not the place for date comparison IMO.

12/16/2016 10:14:54 PM

As of Django 1.8 the following slightly distasteful construct does the job:

{% now "Y-m-d" as todays_date %}
{% if todays_date < someday|date:"Y-m-d" %}
   <h1>It's not too late!</h1>
{% endif %}

Hackish, but it avoids the need for a custom tag or context processor.

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