Why doesn't Python have multiline comments?


OK, I'm aware that triple-quotes strings can serve as multiline comments. For example,

"""Hello, I am a 
   multiline comment"""


'''Hello, I am a 
   multiline comment'''

But technically speaking these are strings, correct?

I've googled and read the Python style guide, but I was unable to find a technical answer to why there is no formal implementation of multiline, /* */ type of comments. I have no problem using triple quotes, but I am a little curious as to what led to this design decision.

3/19/2014 5:58:55 AM

Accepted Answer

I doubt you'll get a better answer than, "Guido didn't feel the need for multi-line comments".

Guido has tweeted about this:

Python tip: You can use multi-line strings as multi-line comments. Unless used as docstrings, they generate no code! :-)

5/12/2018 3:36:57 PM

Multi-line comments are easily breakable. What if you have the following in a simple calculator program?

operation = ''
print("Pick an operation:  +-*/")
# Get user input here

Try to comment that with a multi-line comment:

operation = ''
print("Pick an operation:  +-*/")
# Get user input here

Oops, your string contains the end comment delimiter.

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