Best way to determine if a sequence is in another sequence in Python


This is a generalization of the "string contains substring" problem to (more) arbitrary types.

Given an sequence (such as a list or tuple), what's the best way of determining whether another sequence is inside it? As a bonus, it should return the index of the element where the subsequence starts:

Example usage (Sequence in Sequence):

>>> seq_in_seq([5,6],  [4,'a',3,5,6])
>>> seq_in_seq([5,7],  [4,'a',3,5,6])
-1 # or None, or whatever

So far, I just rely on brute force and it seems slow, ugly, and clumsy.

6/8/2017 10:52:37 PM

Accepted Answer

I second the Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm. By the way, your problem (and the KMP solution) is exactly recipe 5.13 in Python Cookbook 2nd edition. You can find the related code at

It finds all the correct subsequences in a given sequence, and should be used as an iterator:

>>> for s in KnuthMorrisPratt([4,'a',3,5,6], [5,6]): print s
>>> for s in KnuthMorrisPratt([4,'a',3,5,6], [5,7]): print s
1/8/2009 9:06:56 PM

Here's a brute-force approach O(n*m) (similar to @mcella's answer). It might be faster than the Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm implementation in pure Python O(n+m) (see @Gregg Lind answer) for small input sequences.

#!/usr/bin/env python
def index(subseq, seq):
    """Return an index of `subseq`uence in the `seq`uence.

    Or `-1` if `subseq` is not a subsequence of the `seq`.

    The time complexity of the algorithm is O(n*m), where

        n, m = len(seq), len(subseq)

    >>> index([1,2], range(5))
    >>> index(range(1, 6), range(5))
    >>> index(range(5), range(5))
    >>> index([1,2], [0, 1, 0, 1, 2])
    i, n, m = -1, len(seq), len(subseq)
        while True:
            i = seq.index(subseq[0], i + 1, n - m + 1)
            if subseq == seq[i:i + m]:
               return i
    except ValueError:
        return -1

if __name__ == '__main__':
    import doctest; doctest.testmod()

I wonder how large is the small in this case?

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