Importing files from different folder


I have the following folder structure.


and I want to import some functions from in another Python file which resides in


I've tried

from import func_name

and some other various attempts but so far I couldn't manage to import properly. How can I do this?

3/26/2018 11:58:37 AM

By default, you can't. When importing a file, Python only searches the current directory, the directory that the entry-point script is running from, and sys.path which includes locations such as the package installation directory (it's actually a little more complex than this, but this covers most cases).

However, you can add to the Python path at runtime:

import sys
# insert at 1, 0 is the script path (or '' in REPL)
sys.path.insert(1, '/path/to/application/app/folder')

import file
7/23/2019 4:57:24 PM

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