Installing OpenCV on Windows 7 for Python 2.7


am trying desperately to get OpenCV to work on Windows 7. I download and installed it, and it didn't work, I got

ImportError: No module named opencv 

when I tried to run one of the samples. I google my problem and got only random solutions that don't work. Can anybody guide me in installing it, or know where i can get a clear installation guide design for a programming noob.

6/23/2014 10:32:31 PM

Accepted Answer

As of OpenCV 2.2.0, the package name for the Python bindings is "cv".The old bindings named "opencv" are not maintained any longer. You might have to adjust your code. See

The official OpenCV installer does not install the Python bindings into your Python directory. There should be a Python2.7 directory inside your OpenCV 2.2.0 installation directory. Copy the whole Lib folder from OpenCV\Python2.7\ to C:\Python27\ and make sure your OpenCV\bin directory is in the Windows DLL search path.

Alternatively use the opencv-python installers at

1/17/2011 3:27:07 AM

I have posted a very simple method to install OpenCV 2.4 for Python in Windows here : Install OpenCV in Windows for Python

It is just as simple as copy and paste. Hope it will be useful for future viewers.

  1. Download Python, Numpy, OpenCV from their official sites.

  2. Extract OpenCV (will be extracted to a folder opencv)

  3. Copy ..\opencv\build\python\x86\2.7\cv2.pyd

  4. Paste it in C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages

  5. Open Python IDLE or terminal, and type

    >>> import cv2

If no errors shown, it is OK.

UPDATE (Thanks to dana for this info):

If you are using the VideoCapture feature, you must copy opencv_ffmpeg.dll into your path as well. See:

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