Modular multiplicative inverse function in Python


Does some standard Python module contain a function to compute modular multiplicative inverse of a number, i.e. a number y = invmod(x, p) such that x*y == 1 (mod p)? Google doesn't seem to give any good hints on this.

Of course, one can come up with home-brewed 10-liner of extended Euclidean algorithm, but why reinvent the wheel.

For example, Java's BigInteger has modInverse method. Doesn't Python have something similar?

10/19/2014 1:44:45 AM

Maybe someone will find this useful (from wikibooks):

def egcd(a, b):
    if a == 0:
        return (b, 0, 1)
        g, y, x = egcd(b % a, a)
        return (g, x - (b // a) * y, y)

def modinv(a, m):
    g, x, y = egcd(a, m)
    if g != 1:
        raise Exception('modular inverse does not exist')
        return x % m
3/18/2012 12:08:49 PM

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