Where / how to get free high resolution satellite images for geospatial data visualization with python


I want to overlay geospatial data (mostly heatmaps) on top of high resolution satellite images using python. (i am newbie, so be gentle on me ;-) )

Here is my wish list

  • detailed enough to show streets and buildings
  • must be fairly recent (captured within last several years)
  • coordinates and projection of images/maps must be known that heatmaps i created can be overlayed
  • easy retrieval (hopefully, several lines of python codes will take care of getting right images)
  • free

I think google map/earth, yahoo map, bing, etc... could be potential candidates, but I am not sure how to access them easily. Code examples would be very helpful.

Any suggestions?

11/13/2013 1:51:29 PM

Accepted Answer

Open Street Map is a good equivalent to Google maps (which I do not know very well).

Their database increases with time. It is an open source map acquisition attempt. They are sometimes a little bit more accurate than Google maps, see the Berlin zoo example.

It has several APIs, which are read-only access: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/XAPI.

It appears to use the REST protocol.

For the use of REST and Python, I would suggest this SO link.

5/23/2017 12:32:12 PM

So you want to do something almost exactly like this:


which I found by googling for "python heatmap".

Now you are a bit unclear about what you want to do with these images, so remember that Google Earth imagery is copyrighted and there's a set of restrictions on what you can do with them.

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