How to install pywin32 module in windows 7


I am trying to install pywin32. I downloaded it from When I run install

it shows "Unable to find vcvarsall.bat". I Googled about it and found that I have to install MinGW and set path then run

python build --compiler=mingw32

but it's showing

Can't find a version in Windows.h

Can anybody help? (I have a trial version of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate installed and MinGW C and C++ compiler installed. Operating system: Windows 7.)

Can anybody tell me a source from where I can download Python binaries already compiled in MinGW, so I don't have to do all this. Or if I can get a python which already have Windows modules.

2/18/2018 11:52:00 AM

Accepted Answer

are you just trying to install it, or are you looking to build from source?

If you just need to install, the easiest way is to use the MSI installers provided here: (for updated versions)

make sure you get the correct version (matches Python version, 32bit/64bit, etc)

7/29/2014 3:41:06 PM

You can install pywin32 wheel packages from PYPI with PIP by pointing to this package: No need to worry about first downloading the package, just use pip:

pip install pypiwin32

Currently I think this is "the easiest" way to get in working :) Hope this helps.

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