how to add value to a tuple?


I'm working on a script where I have a list of tuples like ('1','2','3','4'). e.g.:

list = [('1','2','3','4'),

Now I need to add '1234', '2345','3456' and '4567' respectively at the end of each tuple. e.g:

list = [('1','2','3','4','1234'),

Is it possible in any way?

2/6/2011 1:03:53 PM

Tuples are immutable and not supposed to be changed - that is what the list type is for. You could replace each tuple by originalTuple + (newElement,), thus creating a new tuple. For example:

t = (1,2,3)
t = t + (1,)
print t

But I'd rather suggest to go with lists from the beginning, because they are faster for inserting items.

And another hint: Do not overwrite the built-in name list in your program, rather call the variable l or some other name. If you overwrite the built-in name, you can't use it anymore in the current scope.

11/7/2011 12:05:05 PM

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