Deploying flask on cherokee and uwsgi


I'm attempting to deploy a flask web app I've developed using cherokee and uwsgi. I got cherokee and uwsgi installed and working (i think uwsgi works), but when I configure the app in cherokee, i just get an error saying uWSGI Error wsgi application not found. I used an xml config file (I think you need to with cherokee), and that contains this:

    <app mountpoint="/">

My flask app is obviouly in the /srv/mobile-site/app/ folder with the main script being

Is there something wrong with this file? Would permission errors cause this? Thanks in advance for any help!

2/27/2011 4:29:33 AM

Accepted Answer

Roberto's suggestion is a good one; it will help diagnose where the error is occurring (i.e. whether it's uWSGI or Cherokee).

I've also recently fought to get uWSGI and Cherokee to work together. I ended up configuring the uWSGI source in Cherokee manually:

  • In Cherokee Admin, under the "Sources" tab, add a new source with nickname "uWSGI Source" and socket "/tmp/foo.sock"
    • Change the type to "Local Interpreter"
    • In the interpreter field, enter: /usr/local/bin/uwsgi -x /path/to/uwsgiconfig.xml
  • In rule management for the virtual server, click to add a new behaviour rule.
    • Choose a manual configuration of type "Directory" with a path of "/"
    • Set the handler to "uWSGI"
    • Scroll to the bottom and set "Round Robin" for the balancer
    • Add the "uWSGI Source" information source
  • Save changes and restart Cherokee

In my uWSGI config file I have something like this (adapted to your example):



    <master />

    <disable-logging /><!-- Errors are still logged; this just disables request logging which Cherokee takes care of -->

    <vacuum />
    <no-orphans />

Note that the Cherokee uWSGI wizard doesn't accept this as a valid configuration file (hence the manual configuration).

4/7/2011 4:30:06 PM

Always try uWSGI deploy without a webserver, before going in production.

uwsgi -x <xmlfile>

It will print a lot of information/errors

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