Python/postgres/psycopg2: getting ID of row just inserted


I'm using Python and psycopg2 to interface to postgres.

When I insert a row...

sql_string = "INSERT INTO hundred (name,name_slug,status) VALUES ("
sql_string += hundred_name + ", '" + hundred_slug + "', " + status + ");"

... how do I get the ID of the row I've just inserted? Trying:

hundred = cursor.fetchall() 

returns an error, while using RETURNING id:

sql_string = "INSERT INTO domes_hundred (name,name_slug,status) VALUES ("
sql_string += hundred_name + ", '" + hundred_slug + "', " + status + ") RETURNING id;"
hundred = cursor.execute(sql_string)

simply returns None.

UPDATE: So does currval (even though using this command directly into postgres works):

sql_string = "SELECT currval(pg_get_serial_sequence('hundred', 'id'));"
hundred_id = cursor.execute(sql_string)

Can anyone advise?


3/4/2018 2:51:18 PM

Accepted Answer

cursor.execute("INSERT INTO .... RETURNING id")
id_of_new_row = cursor.fetchone()[0]

And please do not build SQL strings containing values manually. You can (and should!) pass values separately, making it unnecessary to escape and SQL injection impossible:

sql_string = "INSERT INTO domes_hundred (name,name_slug,status) VALUES (%s,%s,%s) RETURNING id;"
cursor.execute(sql_string, (hundred_name, hundred_slug, status))
hundred = cursor.fetchone()[0]

See the psycopg docs for more details:

3/9/2011 3:06:34 PM

I ended up here because I had a similar problem, but we're using Postgres-XC, which doesn't yet support the RETURNING ID clause. In that case you can use:

cursor.execute('INSERT INTO ........')
cursor.execute('SELECT LASTVAL()')
lastid = cursor.fetchone()['lastval']

Just in case it was useful for anyone!

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