How to get Linux console window width in Python


Is there a way in python to programmatically determine the width of the console? I mean the number of characters that fits in one line without wrapping, not the pixel width of the window.


Looking for a solution that works on Linux

3/26/2017 10:00:59 AM

Accepted Answer

import os
rows, columns = os.popen('stty size', 'r').read().split()

uses the 'stty size' command which according to a thread on the python mailing list is reasonably universal on linux. It opens the 'stty size' command as a file, 'reads' from it, and uses a simple string split to separate the coordinates.

Unlike the os.environ["COLUMNS"] value (which I can't access in spite of using bash as my standard shell) the data will also be up-to-date whereas I believe the os.environ["COLUMNS"] value would only be valid for the time of the launch of the python interpreter (suppose the user resized the window since then).

6/3/2009 10:06:54 AM

Not sure why it is in the module shutil, but it landed there in Python 3.3, Querying the size of the output terminal:

>>> import shutil
>>> shutil.get_terminal_size((80, 20))  # pass fallback
os.terminal_size(columns=87, lines=23)  # returns a named-tuple

A low-level implementation is in the os module.

A backport is now available for Python 3.2 and below:

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