Python: How to ignore an exception and proceed?


I have a try...except block in my code and When an exception is throw. I really just want to continue with the code because in that case, everything is still able to run just fine. The problem is if you leave the except: block empty or with a #do nothing, it gives you a syntax error. I can't use continue because its not in a loop. Is there a keyword i can use that tells the code to just keep going?

1/2/2010 1:03:27 AM

Accepted Answer

4/30/2019 8:47:19 PM

Generic answer

The standard "nop" in Python is the pass statement:

except Exception:

Using except Exception instead of a bare except avoid catching exceptions like SystemExit, KeyboardInterrupt etc.

Python 2

Because of the last thrown exception being remembered in Python 2, some of the objects involved in the exception-throwing statement are being kept live indefinitely (actually, until the next exception). In case this is important for you and (typically) you don't need to remember the last thrown exception, you might want to do the following instead of pass:

except Exception:

This clears the last thrown exception.

Python 3

In Python 3, the variable that holds the exception instance gets deleted on exiting the except block. Even if the variable held a value previously, after entering and exiting the except block it becomes undefined again.

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