How do I format a string using a dictionary in python-3.x?


I am a big fan of using dictionaries to format strings. It helps me read the string format I am using as well as let me take advantage of existing dictionaries. For example:

class MyClass:
    def __init__(self):
        self.title = 'Title'

a = MyClass()
print 'The title is %(title)s' % a.__dict__

path = '/path/to/a/file'
print 'You put your file here: %(path)s' % locals()

However I cannot figure out the python 3.x syntax for doing the same (or if that is even possible). I would like to do the following

# Fails, KeyError 'latitude'
geopoint = {'latitude':41.123,'longitude':71.091}
print '{latitude} {longitude}'.format(geopoint)

# Succeeds
print '{latitude} {longitude}'.format(latitude=41.123,longitude=71.091)
11/8/2012 4:27:40 AM

Accepted Answer

Is this good for you?

geopoint = {'latitude':41.123,'longitude':71.091}
print('{latitude} {longitude}'.format(**geopoint))
12/23/2013 12:30:19 PM

To unpack a dictionary into keyword arguments, use **. Also,, new-style formatting supports referring to attributes of objects and items of mappings:

'{0[latitude]} {0[longitude]}'.format(geopoint)
'The title is {0.title}s'.format(a) # the a from your first example

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