Get HOG image features from OpenCV + Python?


I've read this post about how to use OpenCV's HOG-based pedestrian detector: How can I detect and track people using OpenCV?

I want to use HOG for detecting other types of objects in images (not just pedestrians). However, the Python binding of HOGDetectMultiScale doesn't seem to give access to the actual HOG features.

Is there any way to use Python + OpenCV to extract the HOG features directly from any image?

5/23/2017 12:34:24 PM

Accepted Answer

If you want fast Python code for HOG features, I've ported the code to Cython:

11/13/2011 11:09:55 PM

In python opencv you can compute hog like this:

 import cv2
 hog = cv2.HOGDescriptor()
 im = cv2.imread(sample)
 h = hog.compute(im)

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