vim highlighting everything in red


I added a print line to a python script while the script was executing, and now all the text is highlighted in red when I open the file. Opening and closing the file doesn't get rid of it. Opening a second python file momentarily fixed the problem, but then closing file and reopening brought the problem back. Now it wont go away at all. Any body know what could cause this?

5/25/2011 7:30:37 PM

Accepted Answer

This happens sometimes in vim when it goes to highlight syntax on multi-line comments. Occasionally everything after the multi-line comment also becomes colored the same as the comment.

I am unsure whether this is a legit bug in vim, or in the actual syntax settings for Python (e.g. python.vim), but I definitely experience this from time-to-time.

5/25/2011 7:40:29 PM

As per this article, I mapped F12 to resync the syntax highlighting from the start of the file. It has worked better in some instances where <ctrl-l> didn't.

noremap <F12> <Esc>:syntax sync fromstart<CR>
inoremap <F12> <C-o>:syntax sync fromstart<CR>

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