svg diagrams using python


I am looking for a library to generate svg diagrams in python (I fetch data from a sql database). I have found python-gd, but it has not much documentation and last update was in 2005 so I wonder if there are any other libraries that are good for this purpose.

I am mostly thinking about simple line graphs, something like this: example line graph

2/8/2017 2:10:52 PM

Accepted Answer

As you're looking for simple line graphics, probably, CairoPlot will fit your needs as it can generate svg output files out of the box. Take a look at this.

CairoPlot - DotLinePlot

This example image shows only a few of its capabilities. Using the trunk version available at launchpad you'll be able to add a legend box and add axis titles.

Besides that, using the trunk version, it's possible to generate:

  • DotLine charts (the ones I believe you need)
  • Scatter charts
  • Pie/Donut charts
  • Horizontal/Vertical Bar charts
  • Gantt charts
2/8/2017 2:10:52 PM

Try using matplotlib. You can configure it with a SVG backend.

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