How to convert JSON data into a Python object


I want to use Python to convert JSON data into a Python object.

I receive JSON data objects from the Facebook API, which I want to store in my database.

My current View in Django (Python) (request.POST contains the JSON):

response = request.POST
user = FbApiUser(user_id = response['id']) = response['name']
user.username = response['username']
  • This works fine, but how do I handle complex JSON data objects?

  • Wouldn't it be much better if I could somehow convert this JSON object into a Python object for easy use?

11/17/2016 3:26:25 PM

Accepted Answer

You can do it in one line, using namedtuple and object_hook:

import json
from collections import namedtuple

data = '{"name": "John Smith", "hometown": {"name": "New York", "id": 123}}'

# Parse JSON into an object with attributes corresponding to dict keys.
x = json.loads(data, object_hook=lambda d: namedtuple('X', d.keys())(*d.values()))

or, to reuse this easily:

def _json_object_hook(d): return namedtuple('X', d.keys())(*d.values())
def json2obj(data): return json.loads(data, object_hook=_json_object_hook)

x = json2obj(data)

If you want it to handle keys that aren't good attribute names, check out namedtuple's rename parameter.

4/8/2013 2:40:17 PM

Check out the section titled Specializing JSON object decoding in the json module documentation. You can use that to decode a JSON object into a specific Python type.

Here's an example:

class User(object):
    def __init__(self, name, username): = name
        self.username = username

import json
def object_decoder(obj):
    if '__type__' in obj and obj['__type__'] == 'User':
        return User(obj['name'], obj['username'])
    return obj

json.loads('{"__type__": "User", "name": "John Smith", "username": "jsmith"}',

print type(User)  # -> <type 'type'>


If you want to access data in a dictionary via the json module do this:

user = json.loads('{"__type__": "User", "name": "John Smith", "username": "jsmith"}')
print user['name']
print user['username']

Just like a regular dictionary.

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