Flask user authentication


I have an application that will use flask and mongodb; I will probably host it on rackspace.

I need to understand how flask authenticating works. I have not found much information on the subject. Is there a complete tutorial on how to roll your own solution? If not, I certainly would like to hear some thoughts on how you would approach it for a a flask app.

Big PS:

I just thought about it. I also need to open a real API. A part of that API will be used for AJAX on the front end. How do i secure that part of the app?

Can anyone explain API auth requests?

9/26/2013 1:26:43 AM

Accepted Answer

I would suggest using the flask-login extension, it makes session management really easy to add to your flask application, and provides a nice documentation which covers in details every aspect of the extension.

4/25/2013 3:31:58 PM

I don't think that flask has any authentication built-in, only support for tracking sessions.

Here are some snippets for basic HTTP authentication and authentication with some third-party providers. Otherwise you will need to roll your own or use a framework that has this baked in (like Django)

Here is a discussion thread on this topic with a useful link

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