Get variables from a file in a Jinja template with Flask


Say I have file with a bunch of constants (maybe more, in the future). How do I access those variables in a Jinja template?

12/5/2011 9:42:32 PM

Accepted Answer

Flask automatically includes your application's config in the standard context. So if you used app.config.from_envvar or app.config.from_pyfile to pull in the values from your settings file, you already have access to those values in your Jinja templates (e.g., {{ config.someconst }}).

8/11/2011 1:49:26 PM

You need to define a context_processor:

def inject_globals():
    return dict(
        const1 = const1,
        const2 = const2,

Values injected this way will be directly available in templates:

<p>The values of const1 is {{ const1 }}.</p>

You'll probably want to use the Python dir function to avoid listing all of the constants.

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