How do I use AND in a Django filter?


How do I create an "AND" filter to retrieve objects in Django? e.g I would like to retrieve a row which has a combination of two words in a single field.

For example the following SQL query does exactly that when I run it on mysql database:

select * from myapp_question
where ((question like '%software%') and (question like '%java%'))

How do you accomplish this in Django using filters?

4/20/2009 8:07:08 PM

Accepted Answer

(update: this answer will not work anymore and give the syntax error keyword argument repeated)

mymodel.objects.filter(first_name__icontains="Foo", first_name__icontains="Bar")

update: Long time since I wrote this answer and done some django, but I am sure to this days the best approach is to use the Q object method like David Berger shows here: How do I use AND in a Django filter?

6/14/2019 7:03:56 AM

For thoroughness sake, let's just mention the Q object method:

from django.db.models import Q
criterion1 = Q(question__contains="software")
criterion2 = Q(question__contains="java")
q = Question.objects.filter(criterion1 & criterion2)

Note the other answers here are simpler and better adapted for your use case, but if anyone with a similar but slightly more complex problem (such as needing "not" or "or") sees this, it's good to have the reference right here.

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