How to compare two dates?


How would I compare two dates to see which is later, using Python?

For example, I want to check if the current date is past the last date in this list I am creating, of holiday dates, so that it will send an email automatically, telling the admin to update the holiday.txt file.

6/3/2019 9:52:37 PM

Accepted Answer

Use the datetime method and the operator < and its kin.

>>> from datetime import datetime, timedelta
>>> past = - timedelta(days=1)
>>> present =
>>> past < present
>>> datetime(3000, 1, 1) < present
>>> present - datetime(2000, 4, 4)
datetime.timedelta(4242, 75703, 762105)
10/8/2018 10:28:53 AM

Use time

Let's say you have the initial dates as strings like these:
date1 = "31/12/2015"
date2 = "01/01/2016"

You can do the following:
newdate1 = time.strptime(date1, "%d/%m/%Y") and newdate2 = time.strptime(date2, "%d/%m/%Y") to convert them to python's date format. Then, the comparison is obvious:

newdate1 > newdate2 will return False
newdate1 < newdate2 will return True

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