How to dynamically compose an OR query filter in Django?


From an example you can see a multiple OR query filter:

Article.objects.filter(Q(pk=1) | Q(pk=2) | Q(pk=3))

For example, this results in:

[<Article: Hello>, <Article: Goodbye>, <Article: Hello and goodbye>]

However, I want to create this query filter from a list. How to do that?

e.g. [1, 2, 3] -> Article.objects.filter(Q(pk=1) | Q(pk=2) | Q(pk=3))

12/14/2015 10:22:45 PM

Accepted Answer

You could chain your queries as follows:

values = [1,2,3]

# Turn list of values into list of Q objects
queries = [Q(pk=value) for value in values]

# Take one Q object from the list
query = queries.pop()

# Or the Q object with the ones remaining in the list
for item in queries:
    query |= item

# Query the model
5/12/2009 12:21:28 PM

To build more complex queries there is also the option to use built in Q() object's constants Q.OR and Q.AND together with the add() method like so:

list = [1, 2, 3]
# it gets a bit more complicated if we want to dynamically build
# OR queries with dynamic/unknown db field keys, let's say with a list
# of db fields that can change like the following
# list_with_strings = ['dbfield1', 'dbfield2', 'dbfield3']

# init our q objects variable to use .add() on it
q_objects = Q()

# loop trough the list and create an OR condition for each item
for item in list:
    q_objects.add(Q(pk=item), Q.OR)
    # for our list_with_strings we can do the following
    # q_objects.add(Q(**{item: 1}), Q.OR)

queryset = Article.objects.filter(q_objects)

# sometimes the following is helpful for debugging (returns the SQL statement)
# print queryset.query

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