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What alternatives are there to pylab for plotting in Python? In particular, I'm looking for something that doesn't use the stateful model that pylab does.

12/14/2010 3:37:43 PM

Accepted Answer

You can always use the object-oriented framework for Matplotlib instead of the pylab interface.

12/14/2010 3:38:31 PM

Plotly lets you make graphs using a Python API, matplotlib, and pandas. Their IPython gallery has some example scientific graphs with the Python scripts that generated them.

Here's a sample:

enter image description here

Some recent exciting open source offerings:

  • ggplot is based on R's ggplot2, with aesthetically pleasing defaults and a really concise api. wants to be a matplotlib killer

ggplot example

  • bokeh makes interactive (html canvas) plots. emphasis on interativity + handling big data

bokeh example

  • vega translates JSON "plot descriptions" into SVG or Canvas-based interactive plots, and vincent is a declarative interface for generating the JSON specifications.

vega example

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