flask-cache memoize URL query string parameters as well


The flask-cache extension has a @cache.memoize decorator to cache a view including the view's *args and **kwargs. Some of my views however take a URL query string as well, for example /foo/image?width=640. The decorator adds a make_cache_key method to the decorated view function that can be used to customise the cache key

However I do not know how to get the request.args outside of the normal request context.

Any ideas how to make the @cache.memoize work with URL query strings as well?

9/5/2013 9:16:22 AM

I had the same problem today and didn't find any example on the internet so I played around a little.

This is my make_cache_key:

def make_cache_key(*args, **kwargs):
    path = request.path
    args = str(hash(frozenset(request.args.items())))
    lang = get_locale()
    return (path + args + lang).encode('utf-8')

You could use request.url instead of path and the hashed args. I needed to add the users language to the key as well.

Caching a view:

def test():
    a = request.args.get('a')
    b = request.args.get('b')
    return a + b
test.make_cache_key = make_cache_key

It works but i think it's kind of cumbersome. It turned out, that the key_prefix can be a callable which generates the whole cache_key. Therefore we can do this:

@cache.cached(timeout=50, key_prefix=make_cache_key)
def test2():
    a = request.args.get('a')
    b = request.args.get('b')
    return a + b

I just came up with this and haven't used it in production yet – so it may not work in all cases.

1/10/2013 8:57:15 PM

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